The Poultry Management Training program sponsored by US SOY started with the first batch in February, 2021 where 25 participants were trained by experts from the Premier Agribusiness Academy and other professional facilitators from Kansas State University, United States. The maiden program awarded participants a Basic Certificate in Poultry Production.

The Poultry Management Training Batch 2 started on the 18th to 22nd April, 2021 at the International Conference Center, IITA Ibadan with an Opening Ceremony where the Director General of Premier Agribusiness Academy and Project Director for The Soy Excellence Center, Nigeria Mr. Francis Toromade introduced the Regional Representative of USSOY in Sub-Saharan Africa and Focal point for USSOY in SEC Nigeria Dr. Michael David. Dr. David started with an Introductory speech welcoming the participants to the second edition of the Poultry Track program. 

The Regional Director, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa USSEC, Mr. Kevin Roepke also gave his opening remarks, emphasising the vision of establishing the Center in Nigeria “to support agriculture as a foundation for a healthy and growing Nigeria with soya as a solution for Nigeria’s protein needs. The concept is to help growing markets like Nigeria address protein challenges and create a “cascade of demand” for soy and soy-related products.” and the need for a food-secure country. He further welcomed all participants to the training program after which Mr. Onallo Akpa Chairman, SEC Advisory Council and also the Director General of the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) gave a welcome speech reiterating the commitment of the various stakeholders on the Advisory Council. 

The Counselor for Agricultural Affairs Nigeria, Benin and Cameroon Mr. Gerald H. Smith gave the Keynote address after a goodwill message from Kansas State University was also delivered by Dr. Carlos Campabadal.

The Nigerian Soy Excellence Center’s goal is to provide agricultural expertise and facilitate connections that drive market possibilities across the agri-food value chain.

The first and second lectures, Fundamentals of Poultry Production and Management, and Record Keeping Economics and Marketing were delivered by Mr. Anula Aondover SNR James, a Registered Animal Scientist and a certified Kansas State University Trainer on the poultry value chain.

In wrapping up the activities for the first dayt, he third lecture, Hatchery and Brooding Management was delivered by Dr. Wilmer Pacheco, a Professor at the Auburn University, United States who has over 3 decades of experience in the poultry value chain. Mr. Anula Aondover SNR James and Dr. Wilmer Pacheco later spent sometime discussing and engaging with the participants, taking their questions and providing valuable insights.

The first day activities was wrapped up by onboarding all participants to the Learning Management System where daily quiz, course evaluation and final assessment will be taken. Participants were also provided technical support in using this platform to  review courses already taken and study in preparation for upcoming classes. This was handled by AgroInfoTech Consulting.

20th April, 2021

The second day started with a review of first day lectures moderated by Dr. Festus Oluwole Ogunbayo and the Project Director for the Soy Excellence Center, Mr. Francis Toromade who engaged participants on the previous day lectures; Fundamentals of Poultry Production and Management, Poultry Value Chain Overview and Hatchery and Brooding Management.  Shortly after this there was a review on the Quiz for the first day lectures by the AgroInfoTech team where participants’ performance was discussed and technical issues faced by participants were addressed.

The first lecture, Biosecurity in Poultry was delivered by  Dr. Festus Oluwole Ogunbayo, a Veterinary doctor, Consultant and a certified Kansas State University Trainer on the poultry value chain.

The second lecture, Broiler Production and Management was delivered by Dr. Wilmer Pacheco, a Professor at the Auburn University, United States and also a poultry value chain professional. The third lecture Heat Stress Mitigation in Poultry. was delivered by Dr. Festus Oluwole Ogunbayo

Activities for the second day came to an end with the AgroInfoTech Consulting team attending to technical issues faced by participants on the previous day. Participants were also guided through the process of taking Day 2 Quiz and course evaluation.

Wednesday the 21st of April, 2021 marked the final day of the Poultry Management Training. The Project Director for the Soy Excellence Center, Mr. Francis Toromade engaged participants briefly on tips to guide their path in the poultry value chain. The participants were taken on a tour of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Campus. Participants toured round the Greenhouse (Controlled plant growing environment), Rice Research field, Maize Research field  and ended the tour at the John Craig Dam.  

On arrival, the first and second lecture, Layer Production and Management and Poultry Nutrition were delivered by  Dr. Olugbenga Adeniran Ogunwole, a lecturer and a certified Kansas State University Trainer on the poultry value chain.

Dr. Wilmer Pacheco, a Professor at Auburn University, United States delivered the 3rd lecture, Poultry Value  Chain Overview

Activities for the third and final day of the training programme came to an end with a review on Day 2 quiz by the AgroInfoTech Consulting team who also discussed Day 3 quiz and the final assessment of participants on Thursday, 22nd April, 2021. 

The Nigeria Soy Excellence Center has an Advisory Council that oversees the operations of the project in Nigeria. The Advisory Council membership consists of the stakeholders across the Nigerian agricultural value-chain. The council  members includes representatives from the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Catfish and Allied Fish Farmers Association of Nigeria (CAFFAN), Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN), FARMERS, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD), Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN), The Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment (FMITI), Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS), Nigeria Soybean Association (NSA), the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) and The Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH). The next Advisory Council meeting will hold on the 29th of April, 2021 at Protea Hotels, Ikeja Lagos.

Premier Agribusiness Academy is a leading centre of learning, developing and transferring well researched and innovative competencies required for sustainable investment in all allied industries of the agri-sector. The Academy is the Center Lead of the Nigeria Soy Excellence Center ( USSOY Program).